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Using app offline



  • Official comment
    Hossam Hammady

    It is a known issue, and it can happen if you do the actions offline then go online again.

  • Hadeel Faisal

    Hi Stephanie,

    This message is displayed when a user makes changes to the review from the web, while downloading it in the app. It indicates that there has been changes and you need to re-download the review to get the latest update. To avoid this scenario, do not make any modifications to the review on the web while it is downloading in the app. Please let me know if you need further assistance.

  • Stephanie Mansell

    Thanks. It does or even when I haven’t been on the desk top at all since the last download in the app. It’s doing the same for the other reviewer too.

  • Stephanie Mansell

    I’m still having this issue. I download the review fully in the app, I start reviewing and then the message new include/exclude decisions have been made outside of the app. Please restart the download to fetch these updates” appears. I know no new decisions have been made outside of the app. So why is this error message still appearing?

  • Stephanie Mansell

    is there a work around or fix planned? the whole purpose of the app is to score offline and on the move, so if it gives me this error message every time i use it thats going to slow down my review.

  • Hossam Hammady

    It will continue to work normally if you don't switch from offline to online, but once you do it will show this message. The workaround is just to redownload the review which should not take a lot of time. The planned fix is coming very soon with our brand-new mobile app. Please stay tuned!


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