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Is it possible in the Rayyan mobile app to see all the undecided or decided articles first?



  • Yao Long Lew

    I installed the new version mobile app, but applying this filter is impossible as it can only work after downloading the ongoing review.

    It appears that downloading entire review is still not possible on this app? Kindly have a look into this, thank you!

  • Hadeel Faisal

    Hi Yao, 

    Applying a filter on a review that is not downloaded will only filter the visible set of articles. To get all filtered articles, you need to download the review first. 

    Were you not able to download the review? If so, please try to clear the review data by swiping left on the review name in the homepage, then clicking CLEAR. You can, then, download the review again. Please let me know if that does not solve the issue. 



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