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How to rename a label?



  • Official comment

    This is very easy to do and I will spell it out step by step to make sure the instructions are clear:

    1. Using the Labels facet in the Workbench filters, select the label that you would like to change. This will filter all the articles that have that label assigned.

    2. Select one or all of the filtered articles and create the new label and assign it. Once a label is assigned at least once it is available to use again.

    3. Select all of the references that have the old label and apply the new label and remove the old label. Once you remove the old label from all references, it will no longer appear anywhere.

    If you are using the new Rayyan user interface that has been released to beta, then the Select All feature will make quick work of the above steps, particularly if you have a lot of articles that would otherwise require you to scroll and mult-select them by hand. Supporting members of Rayyan have early access to new features via automatic enrollment in our beta program, and access to premium features. You can try the new UI and premium features with a 14-day free trial. Visit

  • Preethi Rajasekaran

    Thank you! 

    It worked like a charm. I am still figuring out the nitty-gritty of the new interface. 

  • Robert

    You are welcome! The new interface is still in beta, so we will welcome your feedback. We already have a long list of further additions and enhancements to make to it. We would love to hear from you at


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